Feature your organisation or company by placing an advertisement in the workshop catalogues or by placing your logo and website link on the Wine Pleasures Website -

Adverts in the Conference & Workshop Catalogues

Description: Advertisement options include:

1. 1/2 page (190x130mm), black & white
2. Full page (190x270mm), black & white
3. Inside front or back cover (190x270mm), full colour
4. Outside back cover (190x270mm), full colour

Impact: All participants receive an event catalogue, which is in constant use during the event and then consulted throughout the year as a reference tool. The ability to choose the conference and workshop, as well as the catalogue in which you place an advert, enables you to deliver a targeted and lasting message.

Details: Sponsor must provide artwork: resolution of 300dpi full colour in CMYK or black & white in grayscale acceptable file extensions: PSD, TIFF, EPS, JPG, PDF or AI


Conference or Workshop Catalogue Both Catalogues
1. 250 Euros 1. 450 Euros
2. 500 Euros 2. 900 Euros
3. 1,100 Euros 3. 1,980 Euros
4. 1,500 Euros 4. 2,700 Euros

Prices exclusive of 16% tax


Logo and Website Link at

Description: Include your company logo and a link to your website within on the Wine Pleasures website. It will be seen by all workshop attendees each time they visit the website to check for updates.

Impact: Each participant logs on to the Wine Pleasures website and remains on the system for a certain duration to learn about other participants and updated conference speakers. Your organisation will gain significant exposure as your logo and link will be posted prominently on the entry page.

Limit: Four sponsors

Details: Sponsor must provide artwork:
resolution of 72 dpi
size: 728x90 px
acceptable file extensions: GIF or JPG

Pricing: 250 Euros + 16% tax


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Feature your organisation or company with a highly-visible exhibition space.

Exhibition Space

Description: Book an exhibition space in the centrally located reception area of the workshop venue.

Impact: Recommended for tourism bodies and wine trail promotors, a prominently positioned exhibition stand enables you to showcase your organisation, programmes, products and marketing materials to industry multipliers. Your presence over the duration of the conference and workshop will allow you to make contact with hundreds of attendees, develop leads and build your brand recognition within the industry.

Details: Fee includes a table, four chairs, power wall socket and exhibition space behind the table. Wine Pleasures will allocate the location of the exhibition space and comply, as far as possible, with the wishes of the exhibitor.

Pricing: 900 Euros + 16% tax

Literature Display Rack

Description: Display your brochures on a literature display rack in the refreshment break area of the workshop.

Impact: Your printed materials will be visible and accessible by all conferance & workshop attendees as they make repeated visits for refreshments and meet with fellow attendees.

Details: Sponsor must provide own literature, maximum size DIN A4.

Pricing: 400 Euros + 16% tax

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Feature your organisation or company by sponsoring a high-profile merchandise item or a key aspect of the conference and/or workshop.



Industry Presentations

Description: The opportunity to introduce your organisation or service to groups of workshop participants and address questions about your programme offerings.

Impact: During a single time-slot presentation (25 minutes) or a back-to-back time slot presentation (50 minutes) you will have a captive audience of event attendees who, by attending your session, have indicated their interest in your product offerings. This is a perfect opportunity to highlight your products, address questions and establish a dialogue with new contacts.

Details: Included in the fee is room rental, technical support, and use of an LCD projector or TV with DVD player. Presenter must bring own laptop.

Pricing: 25 min slot: 195 Euros - 50 min slot: 390 Euros

Refreshment Points & Restaurant

Description: As the refreshment points sponsor you will have prominent branding in the highly visited coffee / tea break areas including display banners, signage and recognition in the workshop catalogues.

Impact: As refreshments are provided on an all-day free flow basis throughout the duration of the workshop, these areas are frequented at all times and will guarantee you a striking visual presence throughout the event. Your organisation's display banners will feature prominently in the refreshment break areas, and signage with your company name and logo will be placed directly where coffee and tea are being served. As well, your sponsorship will be recognised in all workshop catalogues.

Limit: One sponsor only.

Details: Sponsor must provide own display banners: maximum three banners

Pricing: 3,000 Euros + 16% tax



Conference & Workshop Bag Branding

Description: Feature your logo, slogan and / or website address on every workshop bag.

Impact: Your large-format company logo will get maximum exposure during the event as every participant carries the workshop bag around from appointment to appointment. As these high quality bags are kept and used in the countries of the participants, your company logo will be repeatedly seen and noticed by thousands of individuals over a long duration of time, all over the world.

Limit: One sponsor only.

Details: Sponsor must provide artwork with acceptable vector files EPS, AI, FH or PS.

Pricing: 6,200 Euros + 16% tax

Conference & Workshop Bag Insert

Description: Insert your brochure into all agent bags, all educator bags or both.

Impact: Every participant will receive a bag containing your brochure which translates into your company message being read by hundreds of workshop participants. The ability to choose the workshop, as well as the bag in which you insert your materials, enables you to deliver a powerful message to a defined target audience.

Details: Sponsor must provide own literature. Limited to one item, maximum dimension DIN A4, maximum size of 24 pages.

Pricing: 300 Euros + 16% tax

Conference & Workshop Notebook & Pen

Description: Place your company branded notebook & pen on every workshop table, in every workshop bag and / or on the registration counter.

Impact: Every attendee will use your company pen and be reminded of your organisation. This is an excellent way of giving your brand a high profile, not only during but also long after the conferance & workshop, since the notebooks and pens will be kept and used on a daily basis in professional working environments.

Limit: One sponsor only.

Details: Sponsor must provide artwork and texts

Pricing: 2,100 Euros + 16% tax


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