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Wine Pleasures Wine Tourism Workshop 3 - 4 February 2010




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1. General

Participation is open to organisations in a position to provide wine related tourism services. Participation will be confirmed by Wine Pleasures and will be made definitive by forwarding the confirmation and invoice.

2. Rescission of contract

The enrollment is considered as binding and the contract becomes effective with the dispatch of the confirmation. Applicants having submitted a binding enrollment form cannot be discharged from their contractual duties. Delegates cancelling their participation by registered mail up to 8 weeks prior to the first day of the event will be charged 50% of the full participation fees. Thereafter the full amount is payable. No refund is available after receipt of the lists of participants, which is considered intellectual property of Wine Pleasures.

3. Participant details

The participants´ details received prior to and during the event are for one-time use only - in connection with the Wine Pleasures Workshop event - and may not be passed on to a third party.

4. Allocation of tables

Wine Pleasures will allocate the tables and comply, as far as possible, with the wishes of the participants.

5. Event catalogues

Event catalogues will be provided to each registered participant.

6. Payment

All fees must be paid by participants in accordance with the terms of payment stated on the invoice.

7. Transport and delivery of promotional materials

Participants wishing to forward materials to the workshop must employ their own forwarding service. Wine Pleasures is not liable for loss or incorrect delivery.

8. Advertising and promotion during the event

Appointments will take place at tables, identified by name cards, and allocated to wine experience providers. Participants must abide by the following, unless written approval from Wine Pleasures has been attained:

  • The only type of display and advertising materials permitted are small items, such as posters, photographs and laptops, which can be placed on the table or attached to the covering table cloth and do not obstruct the view of other participants tables.
  • Advertising materials must not be distributed outside the allocated space.
  • Participants may not organise any hospitality event, seminar or tour which encourages participants to leave the event at any time during the programme.

Wine Pleasures is entitled to prohibit unauthorised advertising or activities without judicial order.

9. Liability and insurance

Participants should be insured against personal liability, fire and theft. Wine Pleasures will not be held liable for any loss of or damage to exhibits, materials or equipment as for instance through fi re or theft, regardless of whether this damage or loss is sustained prior to, during, or after the event. The participants on their part will be held liable for any damage to persons or objects caused by them, their employees, their representatives or by exhibits or items of their equipment.

10. Belongings

While Wine Pleasures will take precautions to keep participants´ promotional materials safe, Wine Pleasures is not liable for any loss or damage. As a precaution, the event halls will be locked or guarded between 20:00h and 08:00h.

11. Media waiver

I give permission to Wine Pleasures to use photographs or video footage of me, taken at the workshop event, for Wine Pleasures promotional purposes only.

12. Concluding provisions

The contract is valid under Spanish law. Venue is Hotel Serhs Campus (Barcelona), Spain

By sending this form we acknowledge the accuracy of information and agree to the terms and conditions above.

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